The MyTenNights Journey

MyTenNights Journey

Thank you to all those who have helped support our tremendous MyTenNights journey since 2015.

Back then, our aim to empower people to make good of their money, finally became a reality with the ‘£1 Ramadan Challenge.’ This viral project proved what we suspected about donors being ready for change and innovation in the way they contribute to charities today. For a start-up platform, it was a resounding success and raised over £65,000 which was equivalent to more than 65,000 people taking part.

2016 brought a new advancement, building on the success of the ‘£1 Ramadan Challenge,’ but empowering the consumer by providing further information on the impact of their donations. We developed GIVTREE, based on the needs of the consumer, which enabled donors to track their nominations and realise the effects of their generosity.

In 2017 we continued to look for ways to assist the donor and had a breakthrough with the creation of the MyTenNights platform. We recognised the continuing culture shift in donations, as a result of the increasing demands of everyday life and focused heavily on how we could provide a service for people to achieve their specific Ramadan goals. MyTenNights was born!

By 2018 we had an increased confidence in the sector and a wealth of experience in using technology to assist our donors more efficiently. Our desire to help people catch Laylatul Qadr and its infinite rewards, resulted in the raising of an outstanding £1.6million for excellent causes, in just ten days.

Taking the platform into its third year was challenging, but hugely rewarding. Thanks to the continuous support of our donors, we were able to help over 50,000 people excel in their efforts during the month of Ramadan. While ensuring that people could catch Laylatul Qadr with their donations, we were also able to support the most needy projects worldwide with the remarkable £4.3million raised.

Last year welcomed ground-breaking achievements for the platform, with your generosity continuing to astound us. 110 thousand users contributed to a mind-blowing £10.8million in donations to charitable causes. Whilst we continue to celebrate our successes and look forward to even greater accomplishments in the field, we are ever aware that these successes come only as a result of collaboration and solidarity from our donors.

In 2021 so far, we have pushed boundaries yet again already raising over £15m for charities all over the world. This year’s campaign saw donors taking part from over 140 different countries! Without your trusted and unwavering support however, none of this journey would have been possible and because of this we wanted to share in our achievements together.

We look forward to breaking even more boundaries and realising more rewards with you in the future!

The MyTenNightsTeam 🌙

The MyTenNights Journey

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