Donor Advised Funds


You asked for more clarity on your donations… And we couldn’t help but respond.

Here at MyTenNights, we take seriously the hard-earned funds that you entrust us with.
We know that you need and deserve a platform, which offers continued after-care. A transparent organisation, which works tirelessly to achieve focused aims with your
valued donations. And this was no mean feat!

MyTenNights is blessed enough to be partnered with hundreds of the world’s most well- known and efficient charities- but offering you such a wide choice meant that attempting to follow- up your donations was initially a task which seemed unachievable.

Fortunately, we have cracked it!

MyTenNights is proud to announce that we have partnered up with a selection of Donor Advised Funds. These allow us, and you, to focus on the meaningful side of giving: by taking on the intermediate task of collaborating with charities and talking to beneficiaries, finding out the impact that your giving is having. A Donor Advised Fund or DAF is an effective vehicle for charitable giving. Essentially, the job of these entities is to:

1. Ensure that your donations are safely passed on to your chosen charity.

2. Work closely with your charity, to ensure that feedback is given at each stage. Where a charity fails to do this, MyTenNights will communicate with donors to make sure you are kept up to date with all eventualities. In this way, you can feel confident that whenever you donate even a penny to MyTenNights, you will receive some form of feedback for that generous donation. 

3. Where applicable, to provide you with a tax receipt for your donation, within 30 days of your donation.

At MyTenNights, transparency is key. We want to enter this coming Ramadan period with your continued confidence, and hope of Allah’s reward.

We pray you have a blessed and successful Ramadan.
From the MyTenNights team!

Donor Advised Funds

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