Ramadan Hadiths

Ramadan Hadiths

The month of Ramadan and its accompanying fasts is mentioned on five different occasions in the Holy Quran. Therefore, much of our understanding about the significance of the month, comes from the Sunnah of our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) and the narrations recorded by his companions.

Have a look at a few ahadith detailed below, which help us learn some of the remarkable features of the noble month:

  1. “When Ramadan enters, the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hellfire are closed and the devils are chained.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Here we learn how Allah (SWT) has facilitated the ease of doing good deeds and attaining his pleasure, in this month. With devils chained- there is less temptation for any of us to commit sin.


  1. “Every action a son of Adam does shall be multiplied—a good action by ten times its value, up to 700 times. Allah says: With the exception of fasting, which belongs to Me, and I reward it accordingly. For, one abandons his desire and food for My sake.” [Bukhari]

Likewise, we can see here how Allah (SWT) is rewarding the little effort that we make, in a much more substantial way. The reward for each deed is increased, as He so desires. Furthermore, the reward for the fast is reserved and known by Him alone. It will be distributed in a way that only He sees fit.


  1. “Whosoever fasts in Ramadan and then follows it with fasting six days of Shawwal, it is as if he fasts forever.” [Muslim] 

Again, we can see how Allah (SWT) reserves such a tremendous reward for someone who sacrifices their worldly desires, for him. He assists us in ensuring that the balance of our scales on the Day of Judgement, should be tipped in favour of the good.


  1. “There are two occasions of joy for a fasting person: one when he breaks his fast, and the other when he meets his Lord, and the (bad) breath (of a fasting person) is better in the sight of Allah than the fragrance of musk.” [Bukhari]

In this hadith, we learn that the immense joy we feel when we are able to break our fast, is matched by the joy we will feel when we can one day meet Allah (SWT). Further to this, one of the negative associations of fasting- the breath- is seen in the sight of Allah as something most precious to the world- the scent of musk. The scent of pure musk is one of the most expensive natural fragrances on earth.


  1. “Whoever observes fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

This hadith shows that each and every Ramadan, represents the chance for all Muslims to attain salvation and mercy from their Lord. So be sure to exert yourself as much as possible, in order to utilise every moment of goodness that is coming in this blessed month of Ramadan.


 May Allah (SWT) accept all of your du’as and ours.

Ramadan Hadiths

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