7 tech hacks every Muslim needs

Tech has completely transformed our lives over the past 10 years. Whether you’re in love with it or hate it, no one can deny that technology has provided us with some super useful tools, especially during Ramadan.

So, we’ve put together 7 tech hacks that will help us transform our Ramadan this year.

1) Sleep Management: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Management: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

We’ve all been there – waking up all groggy before suhoor, or sometimes even sleeping completely through fajr which is the worst!

Sleep Cycle analyses your movement in bed and wakes you up at the moment you’re at your lightest sleep. All you need to do is give it a time frame you want to wake up within, and it will ring an alarm at the best moment decided by its intelligent technology.


2) Short Workouts: Nike Training Club

Short Workouts: Nike Training Club

Ramadan can easily become a month of minimal movement as we try to conserve as much energy as possible. But since many of us will be in quarantine, we can afford to (actually we probably need to) spend a little time doing short workouts every day.

Nike Training Club app has workouts varying in lengths and styles, so you can choose the perfect workout for you.

I know my one will be the 7-minute total body desk detox!


3) Task Manager: Todoist

Task Manager: Todoist

Todoist is a great task manager which can be used to help structure your Ramadan goals.

It lets you organise tasks ahead of time and keeps you on top of them. It’s perfect for your Quran recitation, charity giving, workouts etc.

You can set deadlines, add comments and re-schedule tasks if needed (which we’ll try our best not to do 👀)


4) Zakat Chatbot: ZAKchat

Zakat Chatbot: ZAKchat

Most of us pay Zakat in Ramadan, and we all know how confusing Zakat calculations can be.

ZAKchat is a chatbot service that assists you to work out your Zakat comprehensively and accurately. It’s also effortless to use as you message ZAK, your Zakat assistant, on an online chat as he takes you through the Zakat process step by step.

Check it out to make sure you work out Zakat properly on ZAKchat.com


5) Virtual Iftars’: Video calls

Virtual Iftars’: Video calls

We’ll all be missing the amazing Iftar meals with our family and friends, but why not schedule a virtual iftar?

Just be mindful of different maghrib times, you wouldn’t want to break your fast on someone else’s clock!


6) Digital Detox: Forest app

This one’s funny… using tech to escape tech.

Being at home all day can tempt us to scroll social media mindlessly.

A great app to help your tech detox is Forest. It gives you a set time to stay off your phone and plants a tree every time you succeed.

So not only are you forcing yourself to be more productive, but you’ll also be doing a good deed by planting a tree!


7) Automated Donations

Automated Donations

And last but not least – to make sure you don’t miss giving on the most rewarding night of the year, Laylatul Qadr, automate your donations across the last 10 nights of Ramadan on MyTenNights.

We’ve all experienced the frustration when we’ve forgotten to donate on one of the last 10 nights, so this year, automate your donations so you don’t leave it up to chance.

7 tech hacks every Muslim needs

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