Fight COVID-19 on MyTenNights

We’re currently in the midst of a global health crisis with COVID-19 affecting people in all corners of the world.

During such a significant moment, this is the time to stamp our mark in history and do our bit, especially in Ramadan, a month of charity giving and sacrifice.

Our partner charities have been quick to react and are helping to prevent the spread of the virus in high-risk communities.

Typically, when donating to water causes, the intent is to quench thirsts. But access to clean and safe water is a fundamental necessity for hygiene. We’ve all been constantly told to wash our hands as a preventative measure against the virus, but 40% of the world’s population lacks access to basic handwashing facilities.

charity: water, a charity solely dedicated to water projects, and has a 100% donation policy, has prioritised hygiene and access to safe water as the top-line defence. With support, they can adapt their program activities to further promote handwashing and infection control measures.

Handwashing and infection control

Penny Appeal is also on the ground, helping to prevent the spread of the virus in vulnerable refugee camps, which are often overcrowded. These camps need better supplies and infrastructure to avoid infection. With your support, they can provide hygiene kits, food packs and testing kits to help tame the virus.

Penny Appeal

These are just some examples of the great work our partner charities are doing. We’re continually working with our partner charities to make the most impactful causes available on MyTenNights, so keep an eye out for them when automating your donations.

To play your part in the fight against COVID-19, automate your donations on MyTenNights, to catch Laylatul Qadr while having a lasting impact in this historically significant moment.

Fight COVID-19 on MyTenNights

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