...Many of us also have limited time at Suhoor, so having a few easy meal ideas to hand is extremely helpful. I have listed 6 easy yet nutritious meal ideas that only require a few ingredients...

With Ramadan falling in Summer, eating a nutritious meal at Suhoor time, which will last you the whole day, is imperative. Many of us also have limited time at Suhoor, so having a few easy meal ideas to hand is extremely helpful. I have listed 6 easy yet nutritious meal ideas that only require a few ingredients. On top of that, all of these ideas are extremely customisable, and you can substitute or add extra ingredients according to what suits you.

1. Banana Smoothie
Ingredients needed: Bananas, dates, yoghurt, milk, blender


This is one of my favourite Suhoor meals, as it’s so refreshing, contains all natural ingredients and only takes a few minutes to make. All you need to do to prepare is peel 1 banana, chop it up and put it in the freezer. I usually do this at Iftar or Taraweeh time, and it’s perfectly frozen by Suhoor. At Suhoor time, I put this banana in a blender along with 3 dates (I use the Medjool ones as they blend well and are sweet), 4 heaped tablespoons of organic yoghurt and about 1/2 a cup of milk. You can alter the measurements to your taste! The resulting smoothie is perfectly cool, and doesn’t get watered down as no ice is used.

2. Talbina or Porridge

Ingredients needed: Barley flour or oats, milk, honey, fruits

Talbina or Porridge

Talbina is a soup made from barley flour, milk, water and sweetened with honey, and is prepared in a similar way to porridge. Both Porridge and Talbina are warm breakfast items, which can be customised in a variety of ways; Talbina is specifically recommended in the Sunnah to treat depression and low moods, so go for this if needed.

They are both prepared by warming milk with either the barley flour or oats and adding honey to taste as well as fruits if you have any. Oat & barley based dishes like this are great as they provide a slow release of energy throughout the day, which will hopefully last you until Iftar time.

3. Date & Apricot Bars

Ingredients needed: Dates, dried apricots, nuts, square, blender

Date & Apricot Bars

Dates are an excellent alternative to refined sugars. Their texture and low moisture makes them a really good base for any no-bake breakfast bars. Using dates and dried apricots as a base, you can make delicious bars in a food processor.

Add nuts to increase the nutritional value, or any other ingredients that you like (you can even add
chocolate). You just need to blitz all the components, and then press this mixture down into a tray.
You can then cut squares from this, which are perfect as a quick bite for Suhoor.

4. Honey & Warm Water

Ingredients needed: Natural & unfiltered honey, water

Honey & Warm Water

This recommendation is not a meal but is still very nutritional. Honey is mentioned in the Quran and in many Hadiths, as a source of goodness and healing for the body. Studies have shown that natural honey, taken every day, can strengthen your immune system in just a week. The best way to take honey is to have a teaspoon in a glass of warm water (not hot as this can destroy the active ingredients in the honey) every day. You can do this on an empty stomach for best results.

5. Avocado & Egg toast

Ingredients needed: Avocados, tomatoes, coriander, limes, eggs, toast

Avocado & Egg toast

Avocados are a great source of multiple vitamins, potassium and healthy fats. Roughly mash 1 avocado with half a tomato, the juice of 1/4 of a lime and coriander to taste (which is a similar recipe to Guacamole except with red onion omitted). Layer this on a piece of whole-wheat toast, with 2 poached eggs and a sprinkle of dried red chilli for some heat.

6. Breakfast Popsicle

Ingredients needed: Chopped fruits, honey, yoghurt, milk, granola, lollipop moulds

Breakfast Popsicle

This is an item which you can pre-make in advance and eat straight away. All you need to do is mix 1 cup of Greek yoghurt with 1/3 cup milk and a few teaspoons of honey. Divide this mixture between your moulds, and place some of your chopped fruits into each mould. Finally, mix honey with granola, and top off your popsicles with this (optional step).

This breakfast popsicle combines all healthy and natural ingredients, in a cooling lollipop form- dairy, fruits and oats!

InshaAllah these tips will be able to provide you with ample energy and health in order to have a fruitful and productive Ramadan.

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